Milk chocolate, hazelnuts and salted butter caramel chips spread - Bovetti

Milk chocolate, hazelnuts and salted butter caramel chips spread 200 g

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The Bovetti spreads are handmade and their making methods come from an expertise combining modernity and tradition. All their chocolates are pure cocoa butter and all the raw materials are high quality, needless to say that you will not find any palm oil there.

In this one, salted butter caramel chips have been added to the paste, which increases the granular texture given by the hazelnuts.


40% hazelnut, 26% milk chocolate 38% minimum cocoa (sugar 41.5%, cocoa butter 28.5%, milk powder 20%, cocoa mass 10%, natural vanilla), salted butter caraml, sugar, colza oil.


Dordogne, France




In 1985, Valter Bovetti left his native Piémont to train to become a Maître Chocolatier in Switzerland. In 1994, he moved to France and opened his own chocolate factory, which would soon become his playground. This is where he explores every single aspect of chocolate, in order to offer only the very best.


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