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boutargue or bottarga is a culinary specialty of the Mediterranean.

Like caviar, the roe of Greece is a luxurious product much sought after by lovers of seafood. It is a mulet egg pocket, salted and dried.

unearthed in Greece, the bottarga Trikalinoswith its unique flavor (iodine, fruity and devoid of bitterness), its soft yellow and orange colour, has already joined many kitchens of top chefs. For optimum conservation, Trikalinos mullet eggs are wrapped in a natural beeswax.


Mulet Lippu eggs, salt, natural beeswax.






Since 1856 the Greek family Trikalinos produces and sells the bottarga. Today, while keeping the traditions of the time, the company innovates Trikalinos, continues to produce quality Boutargue always excellent at high nutritional value and contributes to live the secrets of Greek cuisine.

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To easily remove the protective wax, leave the Boutargue outside the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Enjoy it as an aperitif with thin slices of buttered toast or by grating it on pasta, Saint-Jacques scallops and risotto.

Accompany it with vodka, champagne or young, dry wines.