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This Aomori black garlic is made from the fermentation with a really pure sea water. For 45 to 60 days, under a controlled temperature and humidity level, it gets comfited and take a flexible texture, really tender, that will remind you of dried apricot or prune pulp, with which it shares a similar flavor.

It loses its strong garlic odor, but keeps a subtle perfume, developing sophisticated and really balsamic aromas. It does not undertake any thermal process, and gets comfited in its skin.




Aomori, Japan


Tenma Green the Earth


In Japan, cultivated garlic in the Aomori administrative district is of an unmatchable quality. In this territory, everyone agrees that it is simply the best.

This is in this area that black garlic was born, from the unique experience of a passionated farmer who wanted to eat his garlic all year long. Then he had the idea to keep it for one month in sea water, in the depth of the ocean, at a controlled humidity and temperature. The result is a true revelation in term of taste: garlic preserved this way has become black, and its texture is softer, fruit-like. This is how the story of Aomori black garlic started.

cook with talent

Once mashed into a purée and livened up with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, it will add color and a hint of fruit to your white fish, lamb meat, pork meat and poultry.

It can also be enjoyed nature, with nothing, to fully enjoy its flavors that will remind you of prune.