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White Dashi broth concentrate 300 ml

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The dashi is a basic broth used by Japanese instead of our classics poultry, beef or vegetable broths. It is usually made by boiling konbu algae and dried skipjack flake, and only keeping the liquid.

Essential for the making of miso soups, we often find it in woks, vinaigrette sauces, sauces, grounded meat and in marinades.


Soy sauce (soy, wheat, salt), salt, sugar, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (soy), dried skipjack, sake, dried mackerel, kombu algae extract, yeast extract, flavor enhancer E621, cane sugar alcohol.


Kyushu, Japan


Hamada Shoyu


For a unique taste, a 100% natural product, and an exceptional quality, Hamada Shoyu will take you on a trip to discover the secrets of Japanese gastronomy.


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