Rum La Favorite - The reserve of the castle 2002 - Favorite (La)

Rum La Favorite - The reserve of the castle 2002 70 cl

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Produced in small quantities, rum La Favorite - The reserve of the castle in 2002 has aged 12 years in oak casks in the distillery La Favorite. This amber rum is mature and reveals fruity and spicy aromas to the palate. Enjoy as a digestive after meals.


Alcohol: 40% vol.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health.. Drink responsibly.


Martinique, France


Favorite (La)


La Favorite is an independent and family distillery, one of the last of Martinique. It has been distilling for more than a century and a half.

La Favorite white rum is the sweetest of Martinique. Its naturally sweet flavor of sugar cane and its citrus aromas gives it a balance that makes it one of the most popular rum of producers.

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