Flavoured rum - Mirabelle - Les Rhums de Ced' Flavoured rum - Mirabelle - Les Rhums de Ced'

Flavoured rum - Mirabelle 70 cl

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Off season. Edition spéciale.


Rum of Mirabelle was prepared with fresh fruit, vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar and rhum agricole AOCfrom Martinique which stayed two months in casks of premiers crus Sauternes. The creaminess and sweetness of the plums give this rum a perfect scent. Much appreciated as an aperitif or a digestive. It can also be consumed either fresh or at room temperature.


Farm AOC rum from Martinique, plums, sugar cane syrup, Bourbon Vanilla.


Loire-Atlantique, France


Les Rhums de Ced'


Les Rhums de Ced’ are home-made and produced with respect for the quality of the raw ingredients used.

The blends of fresh fruit, picked at a specific degree of maturity, of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and of cane juice rum from Martinique, create a first choice, well-balanced, variety of flavoured rums in which each ingredient brings its burst of taste, and differs according to the maceration.

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Rum, arranged, plum, Rum at Mirabelle

cook with talent

Before tasting, shake the bottle to obtain a homogeneous mixture and thus release all the flavours.

For a drier Rum, add agricultural rum in your glass.

As an appetizer, pour a dose of prepared rum then add 3 doses of champagne, sparkling wine or white.