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White Banyuls vinegar 25 cl

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This white Banyuls is much rarer than the red one because few white and grey Grenaches are cultivated on the Banyuls vintage.

To elaborate this vinegar, La Guinelle used a white Banyuls made with grey Grenache only.

The process is the same as with red Banyuls; elaborated in oak barrels in the open, with no intervention on the acetification process, everything is done naturally in ideal conditions for the acetobacters.

A short time in a glass bottle under the sun grants this vinegar roundness.

This vinegar's notes of pummelos and citrus fruits bring to your dishes the little detail that makes all the difference, and the whole is coated with a sustained sweetness.


Banyuls vinegar.


Languedoc-Roussillon, France


La Guinelle


Its in the Pyrénées Orientales that the Banyuls vinegar is craft-made.

Passionate about wine, Nathalie Herre fell in love at first sight for a small house hanging to the hillside above the hamlet of Cosprons, overlooking the Bay of Paulilles. It was her winemaker friends that made her interested in Banyuls vinegar. One thing leading to another, with a contagious tenacity, La Guinelle became a vinegar factory, even better, it became a reference.

In order to get there, La Guinelle selects carefully its Banyuls, a natural sweet wine with very aromatic properties. The elaboration of La Guinelle vinegar, an organic process of double fermentation, alcoholic and acetic gives to the products aromas of ripe raspberries and blackcurrants.

An aging in oak barrels under the hot Mediterranean sun gives Banyuls vinegar another force, another flavor to be discovered.


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This white Banyuls vinegar is a wonderful replacement for lemon on white fish, smoked salmon, salmon fillet, oysters or am endive salad with nut or olive oil.
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