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Eucalyptus honey from Madagascar 170 g

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The Eucalyptus is a very resistant tree that was introduced to Madagascar in the 1850s. Its growth speed makes it one of the most popular trees in the Malagasy flora. With this in mind, the Compagnie du Miel have implemented beehives in the island's central region, where this tree grows in high density, thus guaranteeing a great honey purity..

This eucalyptus honey shows a pollination probability index of 98%, way above traditional honeys. With a beautiful golden colour, it is smooth and melts in the mouth. It is characterised by complex savours dominated by salted butter caramel notes and accompanied by a slightly milky touch.


Eucalyptus honey harvested in the region of Analamanga (100%).


Analamanga, Madagascar


Compagnie du Miel


The island of Madagascar, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, is very unspoilt and full of fabulous natural resources: 80% of its flora is endemic. In addition, the remote harvest areas chosen by La Compagnie du Miel guarantee the absence of pesticides and a 100% natural production. Each honey is harvested by hand and offers a unique and very exotic aromatic palette, due to the purity of the product. La Compagnie du Miel is also a human commitment: all the hives and land belong to local beekeepers, which the company participates in training with the support of on-site NGOs.


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