Opthimus Rum 25 years old - Opthimus  Opthimus Rum 25 years old - Opthimus

Opthimus Rum 25 years old 70 cl

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This Opthimus 25 years old Rum is sophisticated and definitely does not lack of charm. Resolutely feminine and dangerously attractive, it offers a copper color relatively dark, with shades of orange; heavy and thick legs are formed.

Its scents are fruity with strong, and extremely delicate, perfumes of vanilla. You will notice right away hints of candied orange as well as banana, coconut and honey providing this rum with a real gourmet side, reminding of a fruit cake. A light and delicately smoked woodiness is hidden behind a maple syrup perfume, that will not leave you cold.

Once in your mouth, this rum is creamy and smooth, a true gourmet beverage. The orange will take over your mouth, while vanilla will sooth this feeling, and dried fruits (grape, fig) increase even more the feeling of warmth of this complex product that will take its time to fully bloom.

The final touch has an average length, always marked by the softness of orange and of a creaminess that will remind you of the best pastries crèmes brûlées, before being hit by a second, more spicy, slightly peppery wave. An always extremely well balanced and soft rum.


Alcohol: 38%.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. Drink with moderation.


Dominican Republic




Don Juanillo Oliver arrived in Cuba at the end of the 18th Century. He started by creating a tobacco plantation, and then a sugarcane plantation. His descendants became specialists of rum distillation around 1870.

During the 1959 revolution, most of the member of Oliver’s family decided the leave the island. In the mid-80s, one of them came back to Cuba, where he discovered documents about rum production by his ancestors. The Oliver Family decided to reestablish this tradition, and installed a distillery in Saint-Domingue. The climate and the soils were similar to the ones of their original island. The Oliver Family develops an array of traditional Cuban rums (Cubaney), and another of rums aged in solera (Opthimus).


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