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Whole duck foie gras - 2 peppers 180 g

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The duck foie gras Sudreau is developed in compliance with its ingredients. This foie gras contains no chemical taste, is authentic and of good quality. The lobes are carefully selected to develop a foie gras with creamy texture.


Lobe of duck foie gras, salt, pepper, sugar.


Lot, France




Sudreau was born in 1887 in Cahors. Today the cannery is located in Saint-Pierre-Lafeuille in the Lot and produces foie gras and foie gras specialties. Canned foods are developed in winter, in order to maintain optimum quality for each product.

In 1992, the company was taken over by Fran?ois Sudreau who received the title of Master Craftsman and thus justifies its desire to preserve the quality and authenticity of its foie gras. In 2013, the family business is awarded to the agricultural open competition: its half-cooked duck foie grs received the gold medal.


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Foie gras whole duck peppers Sudreau


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