Spicy Mango Pickapeppa sweet/salty and spicy sauce - Pickapeppa

Spicy Mango Pickapeppa sweet/salty and spicy sauce 148 ml

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The Pickapeppa sauces are an institution in Jamaica, their country of origin. Both spicy and sweet/salty, the Spicy Mango sauce can accompany preparations and meat. In this recipe, the main ingredient is mango. It is blended with spices and pepper paste, of which the pepper has aged in oak barrels for a year. During the tasting, the sauce reveals a strong and piquant taste without being too hot. Mango brings softness and sweetness that are ideal for marinades.


Mango, sugar, vinegar, grapes, pepper, onions, spices, salt.

Contains GMO.






Shelf life information

Store in a cool place after opening, shake well before using.


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The sweet/salty aspect typical of this sauce will be a perfect companion to white meat or pork. This sauce can also be used for making a marinade.

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