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Sauce Ponzu 150 ml

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The ponzu is very easy to get in Japan, since it is fully part of Japanese gastronomy. But it is extremely rare to find one able to preserve the yuzu freshness with its touches of green mandarine and green grapefruit without getting a final sour touch, or “grilled” flavors.

The secret of this ponzu sauce is the quality of the yuzu powder used for its making. Keep in mind that seven and a half liters of high quality yuzu juice are needed to produce 1 kilo of yuzu powder.

Once in your mouth, this ponzu sauce is powerful, with a perfectly balanced sourness, and no bitterness. All the freshness and flavor of the yuzu is found here.


Vinegar, sugar, yuzu juice, sudachi juice, yukou juice, salt, mirin (sweet, rice-based sake), alcohol, yeast extract, natural aromas (skipjack and kombu).


Kitagawa, Japan




The Yuzuokoku company, Located in Kitagawa, a small, 1600 inhabitants village, which produces more than 940 tons of yuzu per year.


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Ponzu is very often used to dip the ingredients of a nabemono, such as the shabu-shabu or the yosenabe. It can be used for the hiyayakko (cold tofu), vegetables, wakame salad, and for dimsum. The ponzu is perfect to perfume your sauce, fish, marinades, etc.