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Venere Nero rice arises from the crossing between certain varieties cultivated in the Plain of the Pô and the Rice of the Emperors which, as its name indicates, was cultivated for the table of the Emperor. It is characterized by its naturally black color due to the outside film of the grain, which has the color of the ebony. The Venere Nero rice is a whole rice : its process of treatment implies only the shelling, that is the elimination of a single part of integuments, the sheaf, thus protecting nutritional but also gustative values of the rice. Indeed, the rice Venere Nero is characterized by an aroma which reminds that of the bread which has just gone out of the oven. It requires a long cooking (count 40 to 45 minutes), it is thus preferable to cook it apart. Fried a few minutes in the frying pan, grains do not stick and quickly become soaked with flavors, without losing their authenticity and their spicy aroma. Ideal to accompany the fish and more particularly the shellfishes, this rice is also delicious natural (with a knob of butter and shavings of Parmesan cheese). In risotto, it becomes soaked very well with flavors of vegetables and with the rosemary.


Riz noir Venere Nero 1 kg 100%.


Piedmont, Italy


Gli Aironi


Vercellesi Farms area is well known as the heart of the European rice production. The family Perinotti lives amidst this landscape, among frogs and gray herons, cultivating rice for five generations. These farmers have made a rather unconventional choice:

  • by investing in quality: many chefs use the Gli Aironi rice
  • minimizing their impact on the environment: the crops are developed to minimize the environmental impact and comply with eco-friendly models governed by the rules of the EU No. 2078
  • rediscovering traditional varieties of rice for this purpose, Gli Aironi working with Slow Food to sustain the biodiversity of some rice, providing the necessary technical expertise

  • Production, meanwhile, combines the old method to new processes to deliver what is best. In fact, rice kernels are shelled by hand in the stone to keep all the nutrients. They are then sorted by color, purity and size, retaining only the best beans. Finally, the rice is vacuum packed to ensure optimum preservation.


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    cook with talent

    How to cook rice with a vegetable sauce

    For 200 grams of rice :

    • Boil 1 litre of water
    • Add about 10 grams of salt
    • Pour the rice in water and allow to simmer gently during 35 to 40 minutes
    • Drain
    • Brown an onion and when it becomes translucent, add tomatoes, carrots, eggplants and courgettes
    • Brown gently the cooked rice and add the vegetable sauce previously prepared
    • Season


    The rice can be preserved ideally if vacuum-packed since it doesn’t like humidity, it can be preserved up to three years if kept in a airtight container. Please notice that the rice tends to soak up the smell of its container and of the products it might come in contact with.

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