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Biscuits with black olives 130 g

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Without any dyes and artificial flavours, the Spanish family Paul & Pippa offers a range of 8 Gourmet Cookies 100% natural.

Each cookie is a family member and has its own colorful collectible packing.

Among the four savoury recipes, find a taste of the Mediterranean in the organic biscuits with black olives from Paul & Pippa. Carefully prepared, those little crunchy wafers are the queens of aperitif. They are ideal for spreading aubergine caviar or tomatoes. You can also enjoy simply munching them.


Catalonia, Spain


Paul & Pippa


Who the hell wants to eat fat, colourings, sweeteners and artificial flavours? Neither Paul nor Pippa, neither you, that's why Paul & Pippa has prepared homemade biscuits that are not only very good but also healthy and 100% natural. Prepared with olive oil, yeast, organic spelled flour from natural ingredients and the Paul & Pippa products are guaranteed without preservatives or dyes.

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