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Yuzusco - chili pepper and yuzu sauce 70 ml

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The condiment Yuzusco with chili pepper and yuzu will deliciously spice up all of your meal, either you are cooking asian cuisine, or western dish.

The yuzu used for its preparation is picked when still green in order to preserve a flavor rich and fresh. The chili pepper is selected when ripe, to provide a powerful and spicy taste. Finally, the vinegar is selected with extreme care among hundreds of varieties made by a local historic factory.

The result of this alliance gives a really homogeneous texture, preserving the freshness, the perfume and the sourness of the yuzu, and the spiciness of the chili pepper.


water, condiment with vinegar (sugar cane alcohol, sake lee, barley extract, sugar, glucose and fructose syrups, salt, water), sugar cane alcohol vinegar, chili pepper, yuzu bark, salt.


Higashimera, Japan


Takahashi Shoten


The famous condiment Yuzukosho, made with chili pepper amd yuzu, is made on the Kyushu island.

The yuzu, coming from higashimera, is known for its compelling aroma. It is cultivated at an altitude of 300 to 500 meters, with important temperatures which will provide the yuzu with all of the necessary conditions for its growing. Its green color will strengthen its perfume and its freshness

They are carefully selected by hand.

The chili peppers are also carefully selected by hand, when they reach ripeness in order to preserve their spices and flavor. The main ingredient is found in the chili pepper

Based on vinegar, this small extra ingredient perfectly blends with the yuzu and the chili pepper. But keeps its fresh taste, its aroma, the acidity of the yuzu and the spicy taste of the pepper.

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The Yuzusco will perfectly liven up Nabé (Japanese boiled beef) , Udon pastas, pizzas (used by replacing traditional spicy oils), tartares, grilled fish, carpaccios of meat or of fish, raviolis, fried rice, salads, fired chicken, sashimi (raw fish)…

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