Yuzu bark and green chili pepper paste - Ja Tosa Reihoku

Yuzu bark and green chili pepper paste 100 g

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This Yuzu peel and green chili pepper paste (Yuzu Kosho) is a condiment very popular in Kyushu island.

We have selected it for its balance between green chili pepper strength and yuzu freshness, without sourness, salted, and livened up.


green yuzu bark (38%), green chili pepper (38%), salt, green yuzu juice. Without additives, coloring agents or preservatives.


Kôchi, Japan


Ja Tosa Reihoku


The canton of Reihoku, is located in the administrative district of Kochi, in the center of Shikoku island, where the Yoshinogawa River springs out of the earth. This area is blessed by its rare beauty.

Ja Tosa Reihoku is the result of the coming together of several cooperatives producing both rice and products based on Yuzu .


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It livens up seasoning sauces, marinades and sauces extremely well, and can be enjoyed with fish, grilled meat, crustaceans, smoked salmon, salads, vegetables, and fish, veal or beef tartares.

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