Fleurie 2013 - red wine - Louis François

Fleurie 2013 - red wine 75 cl

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One of the ten Beaujolais on a soil mostly made of pink granite, it gives the Black Gamay a white juice tasty range built around the fruit. Like the rest of France, it was a difficult vintage in Beaujolais, but even in this situation Gamay manages to keep its varietal aromas so characteristic, indeed helped by the winemaking style.


garnet red with violet tones


Red fruits and flowers are in honour, including peony, all decorated with a sweet note of cotton candy which can only confirm a greedy and frivolous approach which is classic fruity and good


a round and fleshy fruit on the same tempo as the nose, it is good simply, acidity emphasizes the fullness of what Gamay is and concluded with a peppery finish sympathetically

cuvée assembly

100% Gamay Black with white juice


Aged in oak casks for 6 months

Potential aging

2 3 years

Typicity of Louis François wine compared to the terroir

One of the Beaujolais known for its elegance and immediacy, this Fleurie Louis François books a frank and simple expression that appealed to us.


Alcohol: 12.5% ​​.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume in moderation.


Beaujolais, France


Louis François


Born from multiple journeys in the heart of French vineyards, the brand Louis Fran?ois offers consumers, lovers of good wines, the opportunity to discover the variety of wines produced and reared in the cellars of French winemakers.

Rooted in the earth, Louis Fran?ois offers to leave the beaten path and enjoy rare and confidential wines with the help of oenologists and renowned sommeliers, including Benjamin Roffet, best sommelier of France 2010 and Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2011.

Shelf life information

Louis François, wine, flowery, Beaujolais red

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Serving temperature: 14/15 ° C

Conditioning: Nothing specific except to emphasize proper operating temperature

Food pairing. Search interesting and friendly dishes, a black pudding with apples, for example