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Rum Arcane Extraroma 70 cl

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Mauritius has emerged as a terroir suited: well-drained fertile ground, good rainfall. Ideal space to develop rums, based on freshly squeezed juices, both vegetable and very well spiced. Culture is performed in American oak casks low tannin to not hide notes cane fresh.

This amber rum 12 years of age, smooth, with complex notes, rich and sweet has a nose providing a surge of tropical fruit aromas combined with hints of fresh sugar cane, decorated with spicy accents. The attack in mouth is much softer, with a remarkable aromatic magnitude. A very harmonious notes of coconut, banana, vanilla tones and a final score woody and delicately spiced.


Alcohol : 41% vol.

Alcohol abuse is detrimental to your health. Please drink with moderation.


Mauritius Island




Arcane rum from Mauritius was created by a small group of passionate professionals convinced that we could still innovate in terms of Rum !

Gathered around Thibault de la Fournière, recognized rum specialist, their ambition is very clear: to express and preserve all the aromas of the sugarcane, from its first freshness to the opulence of aging.

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