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Jamaica Rum XO giftbox + 2 glasses 70 cl

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Jamaica Rum XO contains banana flavours, and once in the mouth, it offers flavours of spices and tobacco. This rum is the result of a meeting of several Jamaican rums selected and aged so that they unfold in the best way possible authentic tropical flavours of true Jamaican rum. After admixture, rum is aged in bourbon casks. This step will strengthen and improve the marriage of flavours of different rums.


Alcohol. 40%.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. Drink responsibly.






The Caribbean is well known for being the birthplace of quality rums. For years, the islands and countries in the region specialize in rum production and offer a range of flavours and varied flavours.

Rums Mezan thus aims to offer a quality selection of rums exclusively from the Caribbean region.

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