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The Rum Coruba NPU 74 ° is an old and delicate rum that is characterized by mild flavours of vanilla, coffee and cocoa. A spicy aroma reminds its origin country, Jamaica

With an alcohol content of 74%, this rum is ideal as a cocktail base and will delight thrill seekers

The initial NPU mean "Nec Plus Ultra".


Alcohol. 74% .

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. Drink responsibly. .






The history of the Coruba Rum started over 120 years ago, with a Swiss trader from Bâle (Basle). He used to travel the word, in a quest for delicious edible goods. One sunny day, he arrived in Jamaica and found a liquor called Rum. The trader liked it so much that he founded in 1889 the Compagnie Rhumière de Bâle. The company’s name being too long, he only used the first letters of each word to launch the Coruba brand. The original Jamaican Rum gained popularity across the world, and in 1929, the Kingston Rum Company was created to make sure of the perfect quality of chosen raw materials, and the perfect mastery of the making process of the Jamaican Rum.

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cook with talent

The Coruba rum NPU 74 ° is entering the site edélices. Its high alcohol rate suggests that this is a rum to be used primarily to make cocktails such as Mai Tai, for example.

Cocktail Mai Tai - Ingredients:

  • 3 cl white rum

  • 3 cl dark rum Rum Coruba NPU 74 °

  • 2 cl triple sec (Cointreau, Grand Marnier)

  • 1 cl cane sugar syrup

  • 3 cl limes juice

  • 1 cl almond syrup

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice cubes. It is customary to add a sprig of mint for presentation. You can also lengthen the cocktail with a little orange juice.

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