Shochu Ichiban Fuda - Tokusen - Asahi

Shochu Ichiban Fuda - Tokusen 70 cl

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Its name Fuda Ichiban literally means: number one card, which is a sign of good luck in Asian culture. This 25% alcohol is one of the oldest spirits in Japan. Made according to tradition, it is distilled from barley and aged in oak barrels. This spirit is not distilled at high degree to restore the qualities of its raw material: wheat.

Tasting advice: it is consumed pure, with ice and possibly a slice of lemon. It also combines easily with green tea and fresh fruit juice.


Alcohol 25%.

Alcohol abuse is detrimental to your health. Please drink with moderation.






Brand from a family of Japanese alcohol producers, Asahioffers famous alcohols. It owes its creation to the farmer Yasai Asahi more than a century and a half ago.

The whole Asahi family works in the business. Seniors control the entire chain of production and distribution of their alcohol. Other members of the family work in various fields. Young people begin quickly to work in that environment with internships in various sectors. The work environment is often very pleasant and welcoming, since almost everything is done with family.

This Japanese brand is old and has a worldwide reputation, it has built its success around a very family and selective company policy.