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Gin Dry Rye Saint George Spirits 70 cl

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If you are fond of spices and citrus fruits, this St. George Spirits Gin Dry Rye will seduce you. It offers to your nose malted and earthy scents, accentuated by touches of spices and citrus fruits. Once in your mouth, you will discover sophisticated aromas: black peppers, caraway, coriander, and lemon and grapefruits zests will reach your taste buds.


Alcohol: 45%.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. Drink with moderation.


California, United States


Saint George Spirits


30 years of expertise drive St George Spirits distillery, considered as a pioneer in the world of artisanal distillation. Famous Master-Blenders work there, including Jörg Rupf, who founded the brand in 1982. He is the holder of numerous prizes, including a prize for the excellence of all of his achievements, awarded by the American Distilling Institute. St George Spirits distillery is particularly attached and pays a tribute through its work to the raw products of Northern California, where it is located.

Nowadays, Lance Winters is at the head of the distillery since Jörg Rupf handed over the reins to him .