Christmas Tea White - Dammann Frères

Christmas Tea White 50 g

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For this Christmas Tea White, Dammann Frères added to a precious white tea from China flavors of almond and cherry, emphasized with a dash of ginger and sprinkled with pink cornflowers petals. Result: a very sophisticated blend.


Chinese Green Tea 92%, purple cornflower petals 6%, cherry flavors, almond, spices and ginger 2%.




Dammann Frères


In 1692, King Louis XIV granted to Sieur Damam the exclusive privilege of selling tea in France. This is the beginning of a long history that led Dammann Frères to set up trading posts around the world to trade teas from the finest gardens.

The expertise of Dammann Frères and the quality of their teas will make them the official suppliers of the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique (the famous and prestigious "French Line ").

Today Dammann Frères perpetuates this expertise in selecting while inventing new flavors to maintain this ideal of quality and tradition.

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