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Turquino Lavado Coffee 250 g

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Turquino Lavado coffee beans.

This perfectly balanced coffee with low acidity and a long finish reveals hints of honey and chocolate.

It is in the highlands, the most appropriate (soft, deep, rich humus) that Cuban coffee plantations are located. It is in the region of the Sierra Maestra that Turquino Lavado is grown. Moreover, it took its name from the highest peak in the region.

To understand the implementation of coffee on the island of Cuba we must return to the date of 1792. At that time Haiti, the largest producer of tropical fruits, sugar and coffee in the Caribbean, revolts against the power of the French settlers. Plantations are so devastated by the slaves that some of the settlers fled to Cuba. It was at this time that the Cuban coffee made ​​real importance because settlers brought their experience of growing coffee.


Coffee beans 100%.




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Everything started when the young Auguste Woehrle, adventurer and navigator, decided to anchor in Paris. He opened a store where one's could find rice, spices, tea but also coffee.

It is the grand-son of Auguste, Pierre Verlet which first started to roast grand cru of coffee of pure origin in 1965. Half a century later, it is Eric Duchossoy which is at the head of the Centennial House and always roasts with great passion.Thanks to his perfectionism, Verlet House became the supplier of big names in cuisine like Pierre Gagnaire and Joël Robuchon.