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AA Sigri coffee beans.

This is a coffee with body, it is balanced, fragrant and slightly tart, with notes of vanilla flowers coffee, honey and lemon. The Sigri is considered one of the world's greatest coffee.

Sigri plantation, with planting Bunum Wo belonging to the same owner, includes 1550 hectares. The plots are located approximately 1500 meters and enjoy a cool climate and rainfall ideal for the development of coffee. Shade trees can protect coffee plants from wind, sun and heavy rains. These trees are also refuges for birds.

In the valley of Wahgri, there are more than 160 species of birds (parrot, eye Psittacule double rainbow lorikeet rainbow cuckoo Gerygone-footed Passerine Birds of Paradise, ...).

The plantation has 3,000 employees and twice that during harvest time. The plantation is very involved to supporting families (children's education, housing dependencies planting, ...).

All coffee plants are exclusively Arabica Typica which produces a very fine coffee. The quality control starts planting the coffee berries are picked by hand and are rigorously checked by the homogeneity of the grain. The cherries must be very red, indicating that the fruits are soaked in sugar and acidity. Selected cherries are then pulped on the day of harvest.

The Sigri plantation pays particular attention to the process that contributes to the quality of coffee. Cafes parchment undergo total immersion in water for several days, which gives superior quality. The parchment coffee is then dried naturally in the sun.

All coffees are roasted and tasted by an expert to assess the cup quality. This provides additional control to Sigri coffee.


Coffee beans 100%.


Papua New Guinea


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Everything started when the young Auguste Woehrle, adventurer and navigator, decided to anchor in Paris. He opened a store where one's could find rice, spices, tea but also coffee.

It is the grand-son of Auguste, Pierre Verlet which first started to roast grand cru of coffee of pure origin in 1965. Half a century later, it is Eric Duchossoy which is at the head of the Centennial House and always roasts with great passion.Thanks to his perfectionism, Verlet House became the supplier of big names in cuisine like Pierre Gagnaire and Joël Robuchon.