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Syrah Red grape juice 33 cl

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After several tests, during recent seasons, Alain Milliat retained the vine Syrah. This provides a juice to the taste of red fruit, slightly winey, revealing aromas and after pasteurization is not ending on a mouth full of sugar. The fruit is harvested at an early harvest for this balance.

The Alain Milliat fruit juices are prepared from fresh fruits harvested at perfect maturity.


Red Grape Juice 100% Syrah.


Rhône-Alpes, France


Alain Milliat


Born in 1965, from a family of farmers, Alain Milliat created and operated for fifteen years an orchard of fruit trees in Orliénas (near Lyon). He specializes in the production of cherries with zero defects for its customers in Paris. Then he developed in 1998 several fruit nectars, the Nectar of peach, immediately adopted by the sommeliers of Relais et Châteaux.

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