Caramel with salted butter - chocolate - Rozell et Spanell

Caramel with salted butter - chocolate 220 g

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The salted butter caramel and coconut gives a little exotic taste to the Breton specialty. It is very good to eat in a pancake with banana pieces or roasted pineapple.


Sugar, salt butter cream, chocolate extra bitter.


Brittany, France


Rozell et Spanell


Rozell & Spanell is a small enterprise established in Pleurtuit Brittany. Caramel is turned by hand and prepared without addition of preservative or artificial aroma. For the curious, the rozell is the little wooden rake that is used to roll out the dough when making pancakes and spanell is the spatula which is used to flip the crepe when it is cooked. < / p>

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Caramel, salted butter, chocolate, and rozell spanell, Brittany

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