Squid in Olive Oil - Ramon Peña

Squid in Olive Oil 130 g

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The special feature of squid used by Ramon Peña is their small size. These squids are from the Atlantic Ocean and were cleaned, cooked and cooled according to a process anxious to preserve the natural flavours of squid.


Squid, olive oil, salt.


Gallice, Spain


Ramon Peña


José Peña Oubiña created in Cambados, in Galicia, a small factory of canned fish and seafood in 1920. His philosophy was to always look for the best quality, and this way of thinking led him to success. Three generations later, Ramon Peña still follows this way of thinking to the letter. In order to obtain such a high level of quality there is no room for average, and everything has to be right on the spot. Ramon Peña selects the best fish and seafood himself, with the same strictness as he uses when it comes to choosing his associates. He only uses the very best raw products, and he elaborates his cans using a traditional process, sticking to his exclusive and original recipes.

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