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Sugarcane - vanilla 190 g

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Exeptional sugar with a touch of exoticism.

This sugar is an artisanal product. Preparation is done by natural processes, sugar has not undergone any processing, it preserves the minerals (iron, fluorine, calcium, magnesium, vitamins, ...) which makes a food with virtues and the flavor really incomparable.

It brings a real added value to desserts with its refinement and elegant taste of vanilla. It is also wonderful to flavor yogurt, cream and white cheese giving them natural and delicious taste. Ideal in salads fruit to perfume the taste of them.


Hand-crafted sugarcane, ground vanilla powder.




Importer of spices and peppers, Sarabar research in areas of production, the best spices in the world. Once selected, they are immediately sent to France by plane to be conditioned. This allows to offer Gérard Vives peppers and spices as fresh as possible, but also of precise origin.

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