Lobster Oil - Groix et Nature

Lobster Oil 250 ml

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Made from Brittany infused lobsters, this gastronomic preparation is cooked with shallots, carrots, garlic, and the lobster shell are slowly infused in grape seed oil.

Easy to use, it will liven up a great variety of dish, such as seafood pastas, salads, scallops carpaccio, raw or cooked fish filet, sushis, tartares, etc.


grape seed oil, lobster (44%), shallot, carrot, garlic.


Brittany, France


Groix et Nature


Located off the south coast of French Bretagne. The canning company Groix & Nature was founded thanks to passionated men, and has been going on for 14 years.

The making, on the Groix Island, and respecting the traditionnal process of Groix fishermen, quality sea products from local raw products, made by men and women living on the island, and respecting the local environment may have seemed like a crazy gamble at first.

A limited number of intermediaries, a traditionnal production, raw product from local fishing, natural recipes, cooked on the island by the Groix inhabitants: This is the secret of Groix & Nature!

The resulting goods are simply delicious, and you can feel the sea spray with every bite you take.