Grey poppy seeds oil - Argania Selection

Grey poppy seeds oil 10 cl

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This grey poppy seeds oil has a colorless pale color as well as a delicate sour flavor just like grey poppy seeds. It is extracted using a natural way and it is additives free. Not less than 3,5 kg of grey poppy seeds are required to produce 1 liter of this oil that contains high rates of Omega-6 fat acids.


100% of grey poppy seeds oil.




Argania Selection


With a solid expertize in the field of Argan oil, Argania has enriched its selection with premium quality gastronomic oils thanks to this new line and thus, makes us discover new oils that are still unknown in France.

Shelf life information

Contrairement aux autres produits présents sur edé, les huiles alimentaires Les Artistes ont la particularité de mentionner une DLUO (date limite d'utilisation optimale) plutôt variable. Nous vous garantissons toutefois que les huiles Argania que vous recevrez de notre part n'auront jamais une DLUO inférieure à 90 jours.