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Mother of pearl spoon 1 unit

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Since it is not advisable to put caviar in contact with metal, this mother-of-pearl spoon is indispensable for any tasting.





Today, sturgeon is a protected species. The mission that Kaviari has set itself is to find the best farmed caviar in the four corners of the world.

The Kaviari House, in a real ethical concern facing dwindling sturgeon, is actively involved in its protection by working closely with the best aquaculture farms, and by developing a range of farmed caviar worthy of the best wild caviar.

The highest importance is given to the choice of breeders and the Kaviari House only works with those who have the EEC approval, in accordance with the new requirements of sustainable development (natural ecosystems, water and food quality).

Progress in modern fish farming have significantly improved the sturgeon breeding techniques and manufacturing methods. The farmed caviar thus obtained is much closer from flavors of the wild caviar.


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To fully appreciate the subtleties of caviar, its tasting shall be done according to some ancestral rules:

  • Aerate caviar 15 minutes before serving and place it in crushed ice
  • Never put caviar in contact with metal or wood, in order not to alter the grain. Instead, use a mother-of-pearl, porcelain or glass spoon
  • Prefer small amounts of caviar to feel each grain roll in the mouth and release its flavors
  • Caviar is best accompanied by neutral flavors like blinis, sour cream or Russian style potatoes
  • Serve champagne or vodka that will enhance the flavors of caviar
The ideal quantity of caviar served varies from 15 to 20g per person.