Hermit crab soup - Azaïs-Polito

Hermit crab soup 370 ml

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This hermit crab soup is definitely one of the more concentrated of the market! Developed in accordance with the know-how of the Azais Polito House and Sétoise tradition, it is a true concentrate of flavors... The use of high quality raw materials (without dying agent) and its traditional method of production gives this product an incomparable taste.


Rapeseed oil, fresh eggs, garlic, salt, vinegar, E330.


Languedoc-Roussillon, France




Azaïs-Polito is a traditional cannery specialized in fish-based dishes. It has been recognized for a long time now for the quality of its products which have become indispensable in a basket of local products of Languedoc-Roussillon.

This small family business is now the last cannery in the city of Sete, the first fishing port in the Mediterranean where it was founded in 1963 by two old families from Sète.

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Along the Mediterranean coasts, Aïoli is mainly consumed with shells and fishes.

This sauce with Provencal flavors also goes well with fish soup and can be served on toast as an aperitif.

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