Heart of Sauerkraut eau de vie - Gilbert Holl

Heart of Sauerkraut eau de vie 35 cl

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An original creation by Gilbert Holl, this eau de vie will go perfectly with smoked fish.


Alcohol: 40 % vol.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume with moderation.


Alsace, France


Gilbert Holl


Gilbert Holl traditional distillery is located in the heart of Alsace, on the hillside, only a few kilometers from Ribeauvillé.

Because he distills in small stills and carefully selects h, Gilbert Holl produced water is fruits, Gilbert Holl produces spirits of high quality that are popular worldwide.

Gilbert Holl has also been long recognized as having one of the largest range of eaux-de-vie and liquor of Alsace.


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Heart of Sauerkraut eau de vie is ideal with smoked fish.

This eau de vie is usually served at a temperature of 6 °C.