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Grape must reduction - Arrope 250 ml

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Arrope is a caramelised grape syrup, typical of Spain. This product is obtained by carefully cooking grape must coming from the best non-fermented varieties of Muscatel (Muscat) and Palomino, both originating from the very sunny region of Jerez - in the south of Andalusia. These same varieties are also used to produce sherry vinegar AOP (PDO).

Caramelised and syrupy, this condiment blends itself ideally with foie gras, fresh goat cheese, or even fruits. You can also use it to prepare sauces, dressings or to bring an original touch to your desserts.


Must from non-fermented varieties of Moscatel (Muscat) and Palomino (100 %).


Jerez de la Frontera, Spain




Arvum is a range specially created to bring together a selection of exceptional sherry vinegars. Aecovi Jerez, an association of small wine cooperatives located in the province of Jerez, is at the origin of this approach, in order to value the traditional and artisanal practices of the vine growers.


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