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Gin Mare 50 cl

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This Gin Mare is concocted in Catalonia, not far from the town of Lleida, where the famous Arbequina olives are cultivated. In order to get a gin with Mediterranean flavors, all botanical ingredients are distilled separately, then blended for a full control over each batch of gin, in relation to the aromatic properties provided by each element.

A new experience of scents will reach your nose, you are going to be able to smell rosemary, thyme, olives, and also a hint of ginger, citrus fruits and coriander. Once in your mouth, floral aromas typically Mediterranean will mark the tasting, with a long and flavorful final touch, where rosemary, thymes, olives and citrus fruits will be felt once again.


Alcohol: 42.7%.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. Drink with moderation.






Mare is a gin brand firmly Mediterranean, and is considered to be the first super premium gin of the region. This multiple times primed gin uses the finest ingredients of the Mediterranean, such as thyme, rosemary, or the Arbequina olive. The Mare distillery is located near the area where these olives are produced, in Catalonia. Mare uses a 180 liters Florentine still, specifically made for the production of this gin.