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Bitter oranges in syrup 440 g

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Bitter oranges in lamvi syrup were prepared to take you deep into the natural flavour of the fruit. They are excellent for dessert with yogurt or vanilla crème glacée and ideal for preparing fruit cakes.


Bitter Orange 50%, sugar, water, lemon juice.


Peloponnese, Greece




According to Greek mythology, Demeter, goddess of the abundant harvest is destroyed by the disappearance of her daughter, and the lands around it suddenly become arid. That's when she heard the jokes Iamvi , daughter of the god Pan, a great joy took possession of her. Laughing, she made new fertile lands. It is this history that Iamvi brand bases its values ??and its ambition to share simple and creates tasty dishes from a generous nature

iami launched its range of fruit in syrup in early 2015, in Patras, in the Peloponnese region in Greece. The small family business target natural ingredients chosen for their taste and their benefits.

The preparations are prepared with seasonal fruits to meet the cycles of nature. The availability of recipes may vary depending on the time of year.

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