Artichoke confit with garlic and basil spread - Les Petits Potins

Artichoke confit with garlic and basil spread 90 g

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An artichoke confit composed with subtle fresh garlic and basil for a balance mixture where all flavours are revealed in our palate.

Ideal for cocktails and appetizers spread on toast .


Artichoke heart, sunflower oil, olive oil, basil, garlic, black pepper, salt.


Provence, France


Les Petits Potins


Les Zapéros D'Ann-Zo' specializes in the making of original Provencal aperitif spread.

Les Zapéros d'Ann-Zo' is the outcome of the meeting between Les Confits d'Amaury, creator and manufacturer of sauces and condiments, and ALG Provence, specializing in spices from all backgrounds and a passion for cooking.

Located in the Var in Lorgues on the road of the Gorges du Verdon, the company designs and creates inventive recipes, all more original than the other.


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