Aloxe Corton 2013 - red wine - Louis François

Aloxe Corton 2013 - red wine 75 cl

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An end red and delicious fruit. The potential is there undeniably


Gorgeous satin and elegant material, the soft grain, the epitome of pinot in its fruity definition is the most striking, a success undoubtedly for this vintage. Fine and delicately peppery, pink peppercorns finale

cuvée assembly

100% Pinot Black


Aged in oak barrels for 13 months with 25% new oak.

Potential aging

7 to 8

Typicity of Louis François wine compared to the terroir

True to its terroir and its solar identity for Burgundy, this wine also displays finesse and typicality linked to the resurgence of calcareous marl in the sector.


Alcohol: 13%.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume in moderation.


Burgundy, France


Louis François


Born from multiple journeys in the heart of French vineyards, the brand Louis Fran?ois offers consumers, lovers of good wines, the opportunity to discover the variety of wines produced and reared in the cellars of French winemakers.

Rooted in the earth, Louis Fran?ois offers to leave the beaten path and enjoy rare and confidential wines with the help of oenologists and renowned sommeliers, including Benjamin Roffet, best sommelier of France 2010 and Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2011.

Shelf life information

Louis François wine aloxe Corton, Burgundy, red

cook with talent

Serving temperature: 15/16 ° C

Conditioning : Glassware Burgundy, decanting worth avoiding, tannic structure never allowing it on a Pinot

Agreements. food and wine:. Saddle of lamb confit with spices, celery purée